The Pet Travel Scheme and Pet Passports

The Pet Travel Scheme (or PETS) allows pet cats, dogs and ferrets to enter the UK, and other EU countries, without having to undergo 6 months quarantine, as long as certain rules are followed.
The rules vary depending on where you are travelling from.

The current rules are:


Steps to qualify for PETS:

  1. Identify pet with microchip.
  2. Vaccinate against rabies. This must be done 21 days before travelling.
  3. Obtain an EU Pet Passport from an OV (Official Veterinarian).
  4. If travelling from a listed country, fill in a declaration confirming that you aren’t going to sell or transfer the ownership of your pet.
  5. Obtain treatment against tapeworm in the 24-120 hours (1-5 days) before returning to the UK and ensure this is correctly entered in the passport. (Dogs only)
  6. Return to the UK on an approved route with an approved transport company.

At Trefaldwyn Vets we can arrange all the necessary procedures and certification required, as well as provide further travel and health advice.

It is important that if you wish to travel with your pet, you contact us within plenty of time. The regulations are always changing, and before you travel, we advise you visit the DEFRA website to ensure you are fully compliant.


Important Information

In the event that the UK leaves the EU on 31st October, the rules regarding pet passports will change. If you wish to travel with your pet after this date, you will need to start preparations at least 4 months in advance.

It is uncertain what the regulations will be after 31st October, and will depend on how the UK is categorised by the EU. It is likely that the current pet passports will not be valid for travel to the EU. Instead, travel to the EU will require a health certificate, in addition to a blood test result that confirms vaccination against rabies has been successful. For more information visit