Surgical Procedures

With our fully equipped operating theatre, veterinary and nursing team we routinely carry out surgical procedures at our Montgomery practice.


Below are some of the procedures we perform here. We always have a full discussion of all available options prior to surgery being carried out and regularly refer cases to specialist hospitals for more advanced procedures as needed.


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We routinely carry out ovariohysterectomies and castrations on dogs, cats and small furies to prevent inappropriate pregnancies and the development of infections later in life.
Pets are admitted in the morning and return home mid to late afternoon. During their stay they are cared for in individual kennels with heated mats, attentive care from our nursing team and appropriate pain relief.


Planned soft tissue surgery

Soft tissue surgery is often carried out to remove "strange lumps and bumps" following a full assessment during a veterinary consultation.
Often further laboratory tests (at an external laboratory) are advised to ascertain the nature of these lumps and bumps, so a more accurate prognosis can be given.


We offer emergency caesareans for any bitch or queen having difficulty giving birth.
This is always after careful and thorough veterinary assessment with the options and likely outcomes fully discussed with you prior to any surgery taking place.



Emergency soft tissue surgery

Emergency surgery may be needed after traumatic injuries, lacerations, bites or ingestion of foreign bodies (sticks, stones, bones or toys).
The decision to operate always follows a full veterinary evaluation in a consultation, diagnostic x-rays or ultrasound as necessary and discussion with you prior to any surgery.



Geoffrey Christensen has a keen interest in orthopaedics and can carry out surgical repairs in some instances after full clinical and radiological evaluation.
Other cases may be referred to local orthopaedic centres of excellence for surgical repair.


Surgery on Exotics

Geoffrey Christensen has a keen interest in exotics and may advise surgery where needed on an individual basis after evaluation in a veterinary consultation.