Meet the team that work hard to bring you the best possible service we can.




Chris Fernyhough BVSc MRCVS

Chris graduated from Liverpool University in 1980 and started working at Trefaldwyn Vets in 1981. In 1992, Chris became a partner in the practice.

In his spare time Chris enjoys farming at home and spending time with his terriers.

Chris Fernyhough

Oli J.E Hodgkinson BVSc Cert SH&P MRCVS

Oli joined the practice in 2007. He graduated from Liverpool.
Oli has a certificate in sheep health and production. His particular areas of interest include nutrition, fertility, electro-ejaculation, sheep health planning and calf management.

In his spare time Oli enjoys pottering around the countryside, tending to his herd of six dexters and socialising.

Oli Hodgkinson

Assistant Vets



Jo Sheppard qualified from University of Liverpool in 1989 since then she has worked in mixed and small animal practice alongside helping on the family beef and sheep farm plus raising three sons. 

Jo enjoys preventative small animal medicine helping clients have happy healthy pets with advice from puppyhood to old age.
Currently Jo is at the Llanfair branch on Mondays and Montgomery on Thursdays and Fridays.

Jo Sheppard

Daragh Brady BVM&S MRCVS

Daragh graduated in 2004 from Edinburgh university.
He worked as a small animal locum in Edinburgh before starting in mixed Practice in Aberystwyth in 2005. He stayed there for just over 7 years before going to Somerset for 16 months again as a mixed animal vet.
Then in 2013 he moved with his family to Montgomery to continue mixed animal practice.

Daragh Brady

Vicki Moxon BVSc MRCVS

Vicki graduated in 2015 from Liverpool University.
She is particularly interested in sheep preventative medicine, canine and feline behaviour and ferrets.

In her spare time, Vicki can be found farming sheep with her partner, training her sheepdogs or spending time with her ferrets.

Vicki Moxon

Geoffrey Christensen BSc BVSc MRCVS

Geoff is originally from America but graduated from Liverpool in 2001 and started at Trefaldwyn Vets in 2018. He has interests in small animals, exotics and wildlife.

Geoff is married with 2 sons and also has 1 dog, 2 cats, a snake, a turtle, a tortoise and a lizard.

Geoff Christensen

Jakub Skrzymowski MRCVS

Jakub graduated in 2017 from Warsaw University of Life Science in Poland. He spent more then a year in Ireland working mostly with large animals. After that he was a large animal vet in Devon for 2 years before he joined Trefaldwyn Vets in November 2020.
Jakub is developing his skills and gaining experience with small animals, as well as large animal work.

In his own time Jakub enjoys walking his dog and exploring the local area.

Jakub Skrzymowski

Sam Higgs BVSc MRCVS

Sam graduated from Liverpool in July 2020.
He enjoys all aspects of mixed practice, but is especially interested in large and small animal surgery.

Sam Higgs

Sarah Wilkins MRCVS

Sarah has been working as part of the small animal team at Trefaldwyn Vets since 2020.

Sarah Wilkins

Jane Spreull BVSc MRCVS

Jane has worked in Mid Wales for many years in mixed practice and after doing locum work for Trefaldwyn Vets through 2020, Jane joined as a permanent member of the small animal team in 2021.
She particularly enjoys working with dogs and cats and is interested in complementary therapies.

In her spare time she enjoys riding her horse and travelling in her campervan.

Jane Spreull

Susan Jones MA, Vet MB, MRCVS

Sue joined Trefaldwyn Vets in 2021 as part of the small animal team.

Sue Jones

Ceri Moore MRCVS

Ceri joined Trefaldwyn Vets in 2021 as part of the small animal team.

Ceri Moore

Practice Manager


Dawn Williams

Profile coming soon.

Dawn Williams

Head Nurse


Charlie Puttock Cert CFVHNut RVN

Charlie moved to Montgomery in 2018 from West Sussex. She qualified as an RVN in 2014.

She loves walking in the countryside and horse riding.

Charlie Puttock

Nursing Staff


Beth Davies Jones ANA VCA

Beth joined the practice in 2010 after working in small animal practice and studying animal nursing certificates at Walford College.

Beth now works part time alongside her other job as a Mum. She loves spending time at home with her collection of animals.

Beth Davies

Maddilayla Wesson SVN

Maddi joined the team in January 2018 and is Registered Student Veterinary Nurse with the RCVS.

In her spare time Maddi can often be found on top of a mountain with her dog, baking cakes and listening to rock music.

Maddi Wesson

Courtney Windsor RVN

Courtney worked with us back in 2014 as A Saturday girl, since then she has completed her veterinary nurse training in Shrewsbury and worked in Herefordshire. Courtney rejoined Trefaldwyn Vets in December 2020 and is Registered Veterinary Nurse with the RCVS. She has a keen interest in wound and inpatient care.

Outside of work, Courtney is happy spending her time with Jeffrey (her golden retriever) out and about, or sharpening up her piano skills!

Courtney Windsor

Jozie Nelson SVN

Jozie joined the team in 2021.

Courtney Windsor

Reception and Support Staff


Heather Matthews

Heather has been with Trefaldwyn Vets since 1988, and fills many roles within the practice. She is our go-to person for almost everything!

In her spare time, Heather enjoys visiting and helping friends and family and also likes to do a bit of gardening when she has the time.

Heather Matthews

Ceri Lloyd

Ceri studied Level 3 Animal Management at Walford College and has a BTEC National Diploma. She joined the practice as a Saturday girl and became full time in 2017.

In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym, eating Japanese food and going to Cardiff to watch the rugby.

Ceri Lloyd

Lucy Woosnam

Lucy joined us at the practice in 2015. She studied animal management at walford college, which inspired her to work in the veterinary profession.

You will mainly find her at our Llanfair branch. Lucy is an assured breeder and enjoys spending time showing and walking her dogs.

Lucy Sharp

Connie Iles

Having moved from Kent to Shropshire in 1999, Connie joined Trefaldwyn Vets on a part-time basis.

In her spare time Connie enjoys caring for her 4 dogs (all rescue dogs), 4 cats and all things equestrian. She can often be found riding the trails on Corndon Hill, Stiperstones and Stapley Common.

Connie Iles

Rachel Eardley

Rachel emigrated to Shropshire from The Black Country in 2018 and joined Trefaldwyn Vets in August 2020.

In her spare time, as well as enjoying eating cake and bird watching, she also finds time to look after her dogs, cats, tropical fish, horse and Texel sheep.

Rachel Eardley

Bethany Williams

Beth joined the team in September 2020 and works on reception. 

She enjoys walking her dog, Darcie, and likes a few wines on the weekend after a hard week of work! 

Beth Williams

Rae Thomas

Profile coming soon

Rae Thomas

Ali Rummey

Profile coming soon

Ali Rumney

Administrative Staff


Angela Andrews

Angela started at the practice in 1999. A majority of her work is done from the upstairs office at the surgery, but we do let her out from time to time. As you can see she is a Robbie Williams fan.

Angela Andrews

Jo Lloyd

Jo has been with the practice since 2008 and does the majority of her work from the upstairs office.

She is a local Montgomery girl and as you can see, she loves her rugby!

Jo Lloyd



Beryl Lloyd

Beryl joined Trefaldwyn Vets in 1990 and has been busy keeping the practice ship-shape ever since.

In her spare time, Beryl can be found around Montgomery walking her dog, Betsy.

Beryl Lloyd