Smallholder Services

Here at Trefaldwyn Vets we are aware of the need for greater sustainability and the benefits to keeping a wide range of stock.
As such we offer a range of services to cater for all your small holding needs.
No matter the species or your level of experience, we are happy to provide advice and address any concerns you may have regarding your herd, flock, team or gaggle!!

With thanks to our clients for their goat photos

Main Services we offer

  • 24hr emergency care and treatment to all species
  • Animal handling and husbandry advice
  • Disease investigation
  • Herd health plans:
  • Nutritional advice
  • Vaccination protocols and assistance implementing
  • Responsible use of antibiotics
  • Tailored external and internal parasite control:
  • Faecal worm counts
  • Louse, mite and fly control
  • Foot trimming:
  • Lameness investigation
  • Reproductive support:
  • Assistance with animals from conception to neonate
  • Synchronisation of stock
  • Castration of male stock