A microchip is a means of permanent identification for any animal, and is registered on a national database linked to their owner's details.

A microchip will mean that if ever your pet is found straying, it can be identified and you can be promptly contacted and reunited with your pet.

We recommend microchipping dogs, cats and working ferrets particularly, for smaller animals, microchipping at the time of neuter is ideal.

If you are unsure if your pet is microchipped or whether the contact details are correct, please contact us and we can arrange to scan your pet and check the associated details on the database.


Microchipping Your Dog: The Law

As of 6th April 2016

All dogs over 8 weeks old are required by law to be microchipped.
This means that breeders should microchip their litters before selling puppies.
If you buy a puppy after 6th April 2016 it should already be microchipped, it is your responsibility to check this and change the ownership and contact details so that they are up to date.
Similarly, if you change address or rehome a dog, it should be microchipped and the details should be changed on the database so that they are current and correct.
If you need to change or check the details on your dog's microchip, please bring them in to be scanned and we can help you ensure that the details are correct.

There are certain exemptions to this law, primarily where microchip implantation may adversely affect the dog's health, but you will need an official exemption certificate from a vet stating this which has a set period of validity. We can advise you on this where required.

Failure to comply with this legislation could result in a fine of up to £500.