In-House Laboratory

We have a fully-equipped in-house laboratory, allowing us to provide the best possible care for your animals.

Our blood analysis equipment allows us to get results quickly, usually the same day, and means we can offer a range of tests from pre-anaesthetic blood screen for your pet up to a full blood wellness screen.

For more advanced analyses, we can send samples to specialist laboratories, allowing us to offer a full range of diagnostic and screening tests.

We have equipment to perform a wide range of in-house diagnostics.

The Laboratory

Small Animals

Services we offer include:

  • Full blood analyses to include thyroid hormone in cats
  • Full ear diagnostics to include cytology
  • Full skin diagnostics including a wide range of sample analyses
  • Urine sediment exam to assess infection and the presence of crystals.
  • Pre-mating smears for dogs and in-house quantitative progesterone testing

Large Animals

Services we offer for large animals:

  • Faecal egg counts to inform if and when animals require worm treatment
  • Semen testing as part of a bull or ram MOT to assess fertility
  • Assessment for skin parasites including scab
  • Blood or post mortem sample analysis to assess calcium and magnesium levels