Horse and pony vaccines should always be kept up to date, especially in those animals who are out competing regularly.

If you have any questions regarding vaccines, or any other infectious diseases, please get in touch and ask to speak to one of our vets.


Vaccinating Your Horse


ALL horses should be vaccinated against tetanus, because the bacteria causing this life threatening disease is present in the environment. Any unvaccinated horse that sustains a wound should be treated with the tetanus antitoxin to hopefully reduce the risk of them developing tetanus.
After the primary course, tetanus boosters are given every other year.

Equine Influenza

The other component of the standard vaccination protocol is equine influenza. This infectious disease is spread horse to horse but can also travel long distances as airborne particles!
Those who have been in contact with infected animals can also spread the disease via infected clothing and equipment.
Any horses competing or travelling regularly will require their equine influenza to be kept up to date.

Please note that for FEI and some other competition governing bodies that horses must have boosters every six months. Please check in advance before travelling that you comply with the appropriate requirements or you may be turned away.

Our Recommended Vaccination Protocol

1st vaccination (day 0) - Flu and Tetanus

2nd vaccination (4 weeks) - Flu and Tetanus

3rd Vaccination (6 months) - Flu only

Boosters (every 6-12 months depending on competition/ travel status).