Diagnostic Imaging at Trefaldwyn Vets

Here at Trefaldwyn, we have a range of diagnostic imaging equipment.

We have a digital x-ray machine, a state of the art static ultrasound scanner for small animals, portable ultrasound machines (for both small animals and for fertility assessments and pregnancy diagnosis in cattle) and an endoscope.

Our endoscope is used to visualise the rectum and colon, as well as the throat and oesophagus and is a very useful diagnostic tool in some cases.

The Digital X-ray Viewer

Digital X-ray

Our machine enables us to get high quality radiographic images of your animal in-house to ensure that if there's a problem, we find it. We are in touch with specialists on a regular basis to get a second opinion on any images we take and increase the number of heads working towards a diagnosis in your pet.

Whether assessing injuries after a road traffic accident, a fall or knock, suspected fracture, suspected arthritis, BVA hip scoring or your pet has eaten something it shouldn't have, we have the facilities to fully assess every case.

It is important to note that most healthy animals will need sedation or general anaesthetic to enable us to get images of diagnostic quality.


Our ultrasound scanner enables vets to get a picture of the inside of your pet's body, and is often more suitable than x-ray for assessing the heart and other soft tissues of the body.
We can use our machine to diagnose pregnancy in dogs and cats, screen for abnormalities in the chest and abdomen and have even been known to scan snakes for breeding readiness!
In the majority of cases, as ultrasound scans are painless and non-invasive, there is no need for sedation or general anaesthetic.

Large Animals - We have multiple portable ultrasound machines that we take on farm and use for pregnancy diagnosis in cattle and routine fertility visits to ensure that your herd is the most productive it can be.

Ultrasound Scanning