Beef Services

At Trefaldwyn Vets we can provide a wide range of services for beef farmers, to help you get the best out of your herd.

Routine and Emergency Work

  • Calvings
  • Caesareans
  • Castrations
  • Dehorning/disbudding
  • Sick calf hospitalisation facilities
Stabiliser Bull

Herd health planning
- encompassing requirements for assurance schemes
- including antibiotic and anthelminthic planning and audits

  • Incorporating young stock disease prevention and management
  • Housing assessments for appropriate ventilation systems - including "smoke bomb" shed by shed assessments with tailored advice.
  • BVD eradication schemes
  • Mobility and condition recording
  • Evidence led nutritional and trace element monitoring and corrections (especially necessitated in this area of Powys and the Borders)


Fertility examination and pregnancy diagnosis; including controlled breeding programs plus vasectomies to assist with heat detection

  • Bull fertility viability assessment including semen assessment
  • Pelvic scoring for maiden heifers
  • Breeding planning to suit your farms specific needs


Parasite (internal and external) control assessment

  • Worm egg counts with same day results
  • Mange mite microscope assessment
  • Advice on when to treat and what to use


Infectious diseases; assessment for control measures as part of a Herd Health Plan
- most could be done at TB testing time

  • TB testing
  • Whole herd as well as Pre and Post movement testing
  • Advisory Cymorth assessments (Wales only and Welsh Government funded)
  • Johnes blood and faeces sampling (Day 1 of TB test)
  • BVD
  • BVD Wales Scheme (Wales only)
  • Leptovirus
  • Neospora
  • IBR
  • Salmonella
  • Schmallenberg
  • E.Coli, Coronavirus, Rotavirus
  • Colostrum Antibody Transfer assessment with a view to using vaccine rather than antibiotics to treat neonatal calf scour