Information for Clients Attending the Practice

If it is your first time attending the practice, please allow sufficient time prior to your appointment to register and allow nursing staff to record details of microchips, current vaccinations and parasitic control products.
Any loyalty cards can be completed and contact details updated at this time.


General Information

It is helpful if all dogs are weighed prior to being called in for their consults; there is a walk-on scales in the waiting area for this.

Any pet to be admitted for an anaesthetic will need to have been starved overnight and allowed to toilet prior to their appointment. More information on this is available on our Surgical Procedures page.

Any very nervous dogs may wait outside with their owner if preferred, but please do inform reception of your arrival.

Any puppy or adult dog with a harsh cough or diarrhoea should be kept in the owners' vehicle as a biosecurity precaution but again, please inform reception of your arrival.

Home Visits

If you require a home visit, please call the practice ahead of time. Due to the busy nature of the consulting and operating timetables, we may have to ask you to be flexible on timing.
Between 9am-11am and 3pm-6pm are particularly difficult times for us to carry out home visits.


We require payment for all services at the time of consultation, and can accept cash or card payment at both our Montgomery and Llanfair practices.
If your pet is insured, we do not accept direct payments from insurance companies. This means you must pay in full at the time and then claim back from your insurance company.